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The Reappearance of Ffyona Campbell!

By jeanettehewitt78, Nov 21 2012 04:52PM

What a week it has been. Having enjoyed a fabulous break at EuroDisney I returned home ready to concentrate completely on the first edits for my upcoming novel Worlds Apart. I was thrown slightly by a friend request on Facebook that I never expected in a million years. Those who know me will be well aware of my long-time hero (or heroine!?) Ffyona Campbell. Ffyona was the first woman to walk around the world and I lived her adventures through her books, Feet of Clay that depicted her walk from one side of Australia to the other, On Foot Through Africa, and The Whole Story. Ffyona was an inspiration not only to me but to so many people. Unfortunately she suffered terrible backlash from the media and after her final book she vanished, seemingly off the face of the earth. Even though her walks took place over twenty years ago there was a group of people who never forgot her and this group joined forces in The Ffyona Campbell Appreciation Society on Facebook. Now, suddenly, Ffyona is back. Immensely touched by the people who still remembered and still cared, she so kindly got in contact with all of us. Ffyona is back in the UK and is celebrating the launch of her next book, The Hunter-Gatherer Way. I have ordered my copy and would urge you all to check it out at: http://www.facebook.com/TheHunterGathererWayByFfyonaCampbell

It is a huge coincidence that Ffyona has come along at this time. My book, Worlds Apart, features a charity called Survival International which was the charity that Ffyona's Africa walk supported. My main character is also based on Ffyona herself. It is so strange that my book was written about ten years ago, around the same time Ffyona went off the radar and now the publication of my book and Ffyona's comeback are happening at the same time. Not only has Ffyona been very supportive of my novel but she has also agreed to write a foreword in the acknowledgements.

For more information do have a look at Ffyona's website: www.wildfoodwalks.co.uk

Jul 17 2013 11:11PM by Fiona King

Its been a long time since I read your books the first time round and it inspired me to walk LE to JOG in 1996. I've just picked them up again to rekindle the joy I had reading them the first time round and it's just awe inspiring all over again. I'm loving escaping back into that world. I've just discovered that you have a new book out 'The Hunter-Gather Way' and am looking forward to reading it's delights.
I remember writing to you back in 1996 asking about what footwear you would recommend on long distance walking. I think you recommended 'Silvershaddows' but I ended up walking in a pair of £15.99 tennis shoes and Merrell sandals and it was the best choice ever. I barely had any blisters and only suffered a little from shin-splints. It was the best walk of my life and can't imagine what it would be like to walk around the world! Except when I finished at JOG I could have kept on walking..... I guess your books helped me to feel what it would be like.
Many thanks for still inspiring me to this day and the joy it's bringing me to read your books all over again.

Mar 2 2014 12:50AM by Adam Pearce

Please please please - how do you join the Ffyona Campbell Apreciation Soceity?
I keep trying on Facebook but it won't let me join.
Can anybody help me?

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