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New Year Honours List

By jeanettehewitt78, Jan 15 2013 05:59PM

The start of a new year led me to thinking back over my favourite parts of 2012. Most of which, had something or other to do with literature!

So after realising that I've had my Kindle (best invention in the world) for one year, I was able to see exactly how many books I'd read in 2012, and the grand total was 98. That's 97 Kindle books and 1 paper back.

Some that stuck with me were Me Before You, by the wonderful Jojo Moyes, who incidentally had a starring role in my year as in July I got to meet her! That day I will remember for a long time for it's not often that one is lucky enough to meet someone they hold in such high regard. Unfortunately I was a little star struck, I managed to hold it together except for a bone crunching, heart stopping moment when Jojo asked me which authors I like to read. Now, as I've mentioned, I read 98 books last year, in July when I'd met her I'd read around 50. That's just one year mind, all in all I figure I've read well over 2000 books in the last 20 years. So what was my reply to Jojo? Well, the one and only single author's name that I could think of... Jackie Collins. Even as the two words were leaving my chops I was trying to inhale them back in but no, out they came. Jackie Collins. Not that there's anything wrong with Jackie Collins, I have indeed read all of her books, some of them many times. But now, just for the record, in case you read this Jojo, can I just erase the Jackie Collins comment and change it to the following: Bruce Chatwin, Sebastian Faulks, Harper Lee, Ken Kesey - these are authors of some of my favourite books. Oh, and you Jojo. But I already said that didn't I? Right after the Jackie Collins comment. For Christ's sake. However, the Jackie Collins thing has now become an anecdote at various gatherings with friends and is, I'm happy to say, met with rip-roaring laughter. So not all is lost.

Other wonderful authors that stayed with me long after I read their books last year deserve a mention too, Alex Marwood's The Wicked Girls, Serena Mackesy, Hold My Hand, Dorothy Koomson, The Rose Petal Beach and The Lighthouse by Alison Moore. Two authors that I discovered in 2012 whom I adore are Diane Chamberlain and Lee Child.

So my goal for 2013 is to read at least 100 books, and I'm hoping to see more work from all of the above!

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