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2015 So Far.

By jeanettehewitt78, May 24 2015 03:02PM

We are halfway through 2015 and it's been a great year so far, starting on 16th January when I got an advance copy of Sarah Hilary's latest novel, No Other Darkness.

Review: Someone Else’s Skin was a fantastic read and I’m so happy to report that No Other Darkness did not let me down.

We delve a little deeper into Marnie Rome and her past, and we also get to know Noah a little better as well. Being drip-fed titbits of information like this hints at a promise of more to come and I for one, can’t wait.

The subject matter in No Other Darkness is a sensitive one and a round of applause to Sarah Hilary for tackling the storyline and the way it was handled.

This book has everything that one could want in a novel; a hard-hitting story, back story from the protagonist and other main characters, a classic “whodunit” but without too much to-ing and fro-ing or false leads.

I was prepared to enjoy a good book when I started No Other Darkness, but the feeling that I had early on in the book that I was coming home to old friends was a pleasant surprise. I, for one, am looking forward to enjoying Marnie Rome for many more books to come.

No Other Darkness is on sale now.

Fast forward to 18th March and I was at Waterstone's Chiswick for the launch of debut author SJI Holliday's book, Black Wood. I had a wonderful evening and will be seeing SJI Holliday again in June when the two of us, along with author Jane Isaac will be holding a panel on independent publishing at the Felixstowe Book Festival. Jane's latest novel is released on 1st June.

Review of Black Wood:

Excellent story and the thing that struck me most about this was how 'real' it was. It is set in a location we can all identify with, especially if you've lived there all y our life. The characters are also spot on - everyone has flaws and this was punctuated in the story.

I loved the back story along with current day, if you enjoyed Alex Marwood's The Wicked Girls then you'll love this one.

I am very much looking forward to further novels by SJI Holliday.

In early April I received an advance limited edition copy of Adele Parks novel, If You Go Away. This is a move into Historical fiction and was a wonderful read. I cried when I read it - twice! If You Go Away will be released in Kindle and hard back on 4th June, and Adele will also be at the Felixstowe Book Festival, interviewed by myself.

On 11th April I attended fellow Felixstowe writer Ruth Dugdall's book launch for her latest novel Humber Boy B. It was great to see Ruth again (since she defected to Luxembourg!) and we'll be meeting again at the Felixstowe Book Festival next month. Ruth's book has been selected as the festival read, so grab yourself a copy.

Review of Humber Boy B: I discovered Ruth's books last year and have read all of them. Humber Boy B is a magnificent, gripping story. It shows how a mistake made in childhood can indeed follow you the rest of your life.

I loved understanding the process of the probation worker and the points of view in this book are so well done, there are, after all, different opinions with each person involved and Humber Boy B shows this so incredibly well.

I also really enjoy how we are getting to know more of Cate Austin's personal life and look forward to knowing more!

Very glad to hear that the next book is underway and can't wait for it to come out!

Next month will be the Felixstowe Book Festival, with blogs a-plenty to follow no doubt. Stay tuned!

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