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MAY 2011

In research for my newest novel I have committed myself to reading all that I can and from every viewpoint books on the Holocaust.


So far the books completed are:


In Mania's Memory by Lisa Hobbs-Birnie


Return to Auschwitz by Kitty Hart


Dachau by KG Bailey


The Man who Broke into Auschwitz by Denis Avey


Holocaust Journey by Sir Martin Gilbert.


I have several on order from the local library, and as my book is set in the Ravensbruck Concentration Camp it is books that mention this camp that I am most eager to read.


The Holocaust is an event that must NEVER be repeated. A lot of Holocaust survivors say that they can see how it starts; an uprising against a particular race or religion can turn into horrific events that in turn make previously "normal" people savage.


The Holocaust saw the death of over six million Jews, but it wasn't only the Jewish that were targeted. Gypsies, homosexuals and mentally and physically disabled people were slaughtered in numbers that reach hundreds of thousands. My book will be a tribute to every single life that was taken, and a reminder that it can never happen again.


Racial intolerance or religious ignorance must be stamped out NOW. The more we teach our children and the next generation about the horrors of the Holocaust, the more likely it is that we will never again witness such an atrocity on humankind.


JUNE 2011

In continuing my work with Spike Magazine, I was given an awesome opportunity to review a new book by local author Ray Hollingsworth. Ray is a published poet and author of IPSWICH ZERO 6, an alternative insight into the Suffolk murders. The book has been read, verdict: excellent. A mixture of Ray's personal experiences with the street workers of Ipswich, on a friendship and client basis, his poetry and a film script. I am soon to be arranging to meet Ray in person and the interview will be published on the Spike website.


Also coming up, an interview with Naima Mora, previously of America's Next Top Model fame and more recently vocalist of rock band Galaxy of Tar.  In our correspondence so far, Naima is as lovely and courteous as she came across on the television, and I'm fully intending to keep her to her word of meeting up when she tours in the UK.


As well as these exciting and very different interviews, my work continues writing for www.offersboutique.co.uk. This month I am writing an article to celebrate the 40th birthday of Luxury English designer MULBERRY. Watch this space and in the meantime, all current articles can be viewed under the Offers Boutique tab.




The last couple of months have been swallowed up by work. The interviews as mentioned in June with Ray and Naima are complete, and should be in Spike Magazine sometime in September.


My short story - Ellen's Journey - has been accepted for publication in the anthology to be released by Bluewood Publishing in time for Christmas.


A novel that I wrote about eight years ago  (Worlds Apart) has been revitalised and renewed in full. I'm very excited about it and am spending most of my time polishing and editing it to the highest standard - watch this space!


I have also come across a website from Harper Collins where would-be authors can showcase their work. Worlds Apart is up for full view and can be found at this link: http://www.authonomy.com/books/36314/worlds-apart/


It's just under three weeks until the better half and myself take a well-earned break in Lanzarote where I fully intend to give my typing fingers a break and catch up on some reading!




Holiday over - back to work!


My interviews with Ray Hollingsworth and Naima Mora are on the Spike Magazine website and can be viewed by clicking on the other websites tab at the top of this page.


Writing has resumed for my third novel: Fear of the Market Place and advice has come in the wonderful form of Sir Martin Gilbert and his book Atlas of the Holocaust. Sir Martin has also kindly agreed to talk about setting up an interview about his remarkable life next year when his workload settles down a little.


I urge you all to check out Sir Martin's website: www.martingilbert.com





New Year - New book!


Some good news to start the new year, my latest novel entitled Worlds Apart has been accepted for publication by Bluewood and should be out next year.


I have also resurrected a trilogy that I wrote about ten years ago and it is currently going through a complete re-write. I'm around 23,000 words in and enjoying portraying the baddie; Darren Leone. Alas, my fiancé and the website master is called Darren, but I would hasten to add that the fictional Darren Leone was created before I met my own Darren, and my vile character is not based on my man in any way, shape or form! I am really enjoying writing the baddie, but I do want him to be the sort of bad guy that you secretly root for, in the manner of Dr Hannibal Lector perhaps! I've taken some inspiration from the ultimate rogue, J.R Ewing, and also on a more serious note got some good insight from watching the film; What's Love Got to Do With It, the Tina Turner Story.  Darren Leone can be as appalling as Ike!


APRIL 2012


I had a wonderful review of Freedom First Peace Later on Amazon.com. If anybody still needs a reason to read my first novel, please check this out!


5.0 out of 5 stars Freedom First, Peace Later by Jeanette Hewitt, April 3, 2012

This review is from: Freedom First, Peace Later (Paperback)


It's 1980 and six Irish lives will change forever. Their lives intersect in so many different ways and they each learn something on their journey. It's a time when Nationalist and Unionist are at war and have been for more than twenty years. Death, bombs, racism and fear are included in every day. Love will be won and lost. Hearts will be broken and some may never recover from it all. Bronwyn, Stu, Barry, Rosina, Connor and Danny are the people whose lives are affected by this war. Bronwyn is confident, outgoing and very pretty. Barry is her fraternal twin and being torn in half by his job. Stu is a very young soldier far from home. Rosina is a kind, sweet girl. Connor is full of life, very protective and kind. Danny is all about the IRA. The decisions they make will impact many lives. Now to see if they can all survive this mess.

A book that describes so much love from so much destruction is what we have here. It's a poignant, heart-wrenching story of the human side of the IRA and Britain's war. Jeanette Hewitt has designed a story that puts you right in the heart of it all. I love the approach she took to this particular subject. She took great care with each of her characters so there is much to learn about them. I enjoy the honesty of this story. It doesn't glamorise war or the people involved, it stays very true to the situation. I recommend this book highly.


I didn't find any issues with this one.

I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because it swept you into the fray.